Friday, October 10, 2008

Exploring the Possibilities

In 1842, Emily took the initiative to spot a job as a governess at Miss Patchett's Ladies Academy at Law Hill School, near Halifax. However, she returned as soon as she left due to homesickness, with only six months of work to place under her sleeve.

Later, with her sisters Charlotte and Anne, she attended a private school in Brussels run by Constantin Heger and his wife, Claire ZoƩ Parent Heger. With the teachings of French, German, and literature, the girls were able to emerge themselves into their studies that they reached an agreement of beginning their own school. However, after Aunt Branwell's demise, Emily returned home to Haworth unaccompanied by her sisters for her aunt's funeral and stayed there to care for her father. Yet, helping around the household did not stop Emily from writing and editing her poems, one of the things that kept her useful.

By 1845, Charlotte and Anne joined Emily and their father by returning to Haworth, succumbing to their dream of starting a school.

A year after reuniting in Haworth, oldest Bronte sister Charlotte sparked up an incredible idea: publish all the poems that each sister wrote for readers and critics alike to read.


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