Sunday, December 7, 2008

Emily's Writing Style

Although she was mostly known by her teachers and her sisters to write in a soft, smooth method, Emily's writing techniques in Wuthering Heights were somewhat different from that. In Wuthering Heights, she uses complex chronology to describe the love and the evolution of her characters not only in their present, but in the years that follow.
For example, if you are a Wuthering Heights fan, then you would know that the story begins with the meeting of the two characters Nelly Dean and Lockwood. The narrative style here is different in the matter by how Bronte alternates between both characters, using one to shape the framework of the story and the other to provide a recount of the all the characters' personal lives.
Yet, Bronte seemed to accomplish a way to give each character their own trademark of emotion and sense of style through her literary techniques. She uses chronolgy once again to transition the years that pass by in the story. Using this, she was able to let her style flow freely and blend in with the emotions a reader would usually feel reading a piece of work like this.
Most of all though, what is greatly appreciated by Bronte is the courage and mental strength that she witheld to write a love story without being so repulsively infatuated. She was able to write a love story in which she describes love as not a little, cute thing that makes a reader's heart sing in joy all the time, but a powerful, realistic emotion that is so potent that it can hurt you more than do you any kind of good. Her story was controversial because the romance in it dealt with things that people in Bronte's time were dealing with: religion, society, class, prejudice. Bronte discovered a way to evolve all these themes into a tragic love story.